Favourite Colour Schemes for Autumn Weddings

The Hatista 30/09/17 at 03:29 PM Colour Tips
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Summer, and especially August, has long been defined as the wedding season for it's warm weather promise. But, I've noticed Summer is getting edged out as the signature wedding season. In recent years 'Summers' have failed to deliver guarenteed warm weather, wedding guests are away on holiday during school break, and the venue costs are higher. People are reconsidering if Summer really is the best time to get married, and Autumn is now proving the more popular season.

If you're planning an Autumn wedding, the number of colour combinations are endless. The Autumn is my favourite season to design wedding accessories for. Just look at nature and be inspired by all the great colours. The Autumn leaves, conkers and chestnuts offer a huge variety of Browns, Reds and Oranges that are so romantic for Autumn wedding themes.

Think of your Favourite personal colour and there will be an 'Autumn leaf' to pair it with I guarentee. For example if your favourite colour is mint, it will pair brilliantly with dark chocolate brown. If peach is your favourite colour, mix it with Autumnal claret red. Tangarine orange is your fave? It's a dream with Auburn Red/Brown. You get my gist?

If you want to create a classic, warm Autumn wedding theme, here are our some themes I've found myself working with, to inspire you

Chocolate, Mocha, and Golden Yellow

A fresh spin on rustic, the golden yellow adds a burst of energy to the dark chocolate, while the mocha tan tone balances it out creating an overall rustic ambiance.



Brown Yellow Wedding Theme - Autumn Wedding Themes from THE HATISTA www.dress-2-impress.com #autuwnwedding #fashionista #browncolourtheme #styleguide #coutureshoes #motherofthebride #brownandyellow #outfittips

The Shoe Clips illustrated above are available from the www.dress-2-impress.com online shop, and can be custom made to order in any colour by request. Click Here. The Shoes: Martini Osvaldo.

Burnt Orange and Navy (add Gold if wish, for more Romance)

"Orange is the Happiest Colour" - Quote Frank Sinatra. There is an Orange for every season. For Autumn Burnt Orange is a favourite and also one of Pantones top colours for the AW16/17 season. Orange is fun worn with lot's of different blues, but for Autumn I select navy. With navy at the helm you move to Autumn, with the orange keeping a summery feel. Full of prep and spontaneity, these colours are the perfect mix of cool and warm.

This combo has depth and demonstrates a playful flair.

Burnt Orange Navy Wedding Theme - from THE HATISTA www.dress-2-impress.com #burntorange #fashionista #autumnwedding #styleguide #weddingthemes #weddingcolours

The Flowergirl headbands illustrated above were custom made for a wedding this month. Contact me if you want to see more pictures or have some made in your wedding colours.Click Here. The Bag: Monsoon.

Jewel Claret, Ivory and Peach

There’s no denying that any deep jewel-toned dress looks stunning at an Autumn wedding. Rich shades like emerald green or berry purple accessorized with gold or silver gives a gorgeous bridesmaid look. One of the most popular Jewel tones though is Claret, and is another of Pantones Top colour picks for AW16/17. Claret is great mixed with classic bridal Ivory, and Romantic Peach. This palette is the perfect combo for the couple who wants a sophisticated wedding look.

Claret also looks gorgeous paired with neutral shades like taupe, dove grey and blush.

Claret Ivory Peach Wedding Colours - Autumn Wedding Themes from THE HATISTA www.dress-2-impress.com #autumncolours #fashionista #autumnwedding #styleguide #claret #weddingthemes #outfitideas

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