Dressing for a Gatsby 1920s Flapper Party

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An Art Deco 1920s Themed Party is one of my favourites to dress up for. It’s fun, incredibly glamorous and of course the Great Gatsby era. The era of the famous 'Flapper' Girls.

As with most era themes, you may not have been lucky enough to have lived in the era, so here are my tips on how to dress as a party girl Jay Gatsby would have wanted at his famous glittering soirees.

It's a Flapper Party, You can wear Bling from Head to Toe!

Dresses were sleeveless, shapeless, long or short slip gowns accented with hundreds of beads, sequins, fringes, and ostrich or peacock feathers.

Black, Navy, Gold or Rich jewel tones of the above embellishments, added to the simplest of gowns, made the ladies look and feel expensive. Add to that the vital headpiece or headband, long pearl necklaces, and gold arm bangles and you are all set to party like a silent movie star.

For your Shoes and Handbag, you can go all on bling, tassles and feathers too. Mary Jane Dancing Shoes dressed with sequin or crystals. Medium heeled shoes only, with a chunk of a heel, not stilettos of course. Your clutch or drawstring bag/purse should also be dripping with crystals and beads (with an optional long chain shoulder strap).

All in on the Accessories

Beaded or glittering headpieces are a must to pull the 1920s look together. The most popular being headbands that you tie around the head and forehead bands that wrap around the forehead. These should also feature several jewels, beads, sequins or feathers (usually ostrich or peacock). Ornate hair combs, and skull caps were also popular 1920s headwear.

Optional extras on the accessories could include a super long ciagarette holder, a pair of long - at least to just below elbow - lace or fringed evening gloves, and an ostrich feather fan.

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The Dress for the Charleston

In the early 1920s dresses were still long, but by the mid 20s the short, slinky, flapper look was the trend. Loose fitting slip dresses usually without sleeves. Exposing cleavage was still taboo so do keep to a modest neckline. Bare backs were totally acceptable though, so add your sass showing your back, not your cleavage. Eveningwear flapper dresses were covered in beads or beaded fringe. These add weight that provides movement to your dress while dancing the Charleston.

Select a Round neckline, low back, loose waist and hip, thigh length and with lots of weight in tassles, beads and sequins. .

It should not hug your curves. You will probably need to buy up a size. If buying Vintage, then the sizing has changed (we are bigger now ladies). If buying new repro, then buy a size up to be sure they hang loose for a true 1920's fit.

What to wear to a 1920s New Years Eve Christmas Party - Tips from THE HATISTA www.dress-2-impress.com #flapperparty #gatsby #flapperdress #1920s #gatsbyheadpiece #headband #christmasparty

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