The Melbourne Cup Carnival

The Hatista 13/07/16 at 10:49 AM Racing Fashion

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is an out of this world combination of first-class racing, larger than life fashion, fun, and history that occupies an esteemed place in Australian culture.

Held over six iconic racedays, each offering something unique, from competitive racing and high fashion to the finest food, this year’s Melbourne Cup Carnival is set to be the biggest yet.

A truly magnificent event that gives each and every racegoer the opportunity to experience an adventure they’ll never forget, Flemington truly is the most glamorous playground in Australia for Racing Royalty.

Let the Accessories Pop

Yellow is a happy colour, and allows you to show off your playful side, for a standout Racing Fashion look. Being a bright colour you don’t need much of it to give your outfit just that bit of extra flair.

The easy way to show you are au fait with this fun colour is to use for the accessories only: a cheering nod to the sunny shade.

Like its close realative green, yellow compliments just about any other color in the rainbow, so is the perfect colour pop. It can be used as an accent to navy, green, deep purple, burgundy, cobalt blue, teals, turquoise and, of course, grey and browns. img

Fade to Lemon Tones

As a wedding guest choose paler, lemon shades. The more discrete yellows pair well with silver, cream and whites, to create a chic antique feel. Choose these pale and interesting yellows for occasions, when bright yellow might feel too brash.

The Coast Floral Jacquard Whistan Dress with beautiful floral embroidery, has been a popular dress this season, and one I’ve had many customers ask me to arrange headwear for. For each of them I have paired with a Silver Hat and accessories, adding contrast back into the outfit, and keeping the yellow knocked back instead of “in your Face”


The silver headpiece illustrated with the outfit above is available to buy from the shop online.Click Here

Meet it Halfway

Meeting yellow halfway is playful, and means it doesn’t need to be worn near the face, where people fear it is unflattering.

Navy offers a nautical colour option. White plays well with yellow for Spring / Summer, with the white softening the bright yellows. Mustard and Caramel tones are a marriage made in chromatic heaven for winter, when you could wear a Mustard coat over a Tan dress, and accessorise in any mix of wintery browns.

For Spring / Summer Racing Fashion wear with a harmonising colour - like the Fuchsia in the example below. The yellow can stand out, yet it harmonizes well with the outfit.


The headpiece illustrated with the outfit above is available for hire from the online hat hire for £50.00.Click Here. The skirt is: J.CREW, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

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